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December, 2009
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Magazine for the New Millennium

For the past two years, this editorial space has become a monthly chronicle of the many changes happening throughout the tobacco industry. Changes that have morphed the industry nearly indecipherable from that of even 10 years ago. But, as we are a media company, I need to also talk about the tumultuous changes and amazing opportunities taking place in the media landscape that will directly affect the way we cover this beloved tobacco industry of ours. The internet has offered a tsunami change in the way information is distributed. Within our lifetimes, it is likely that glossy paper magazines will be a quaint antique from a bygone era. To be sure, we have NO plans of ending the print edition of any of our magazines. If you enjoy the print version of our magazines, then you will keep receiving them. However, for those who look to their computers for information rather than newsstands, Tobacco International will be taking greater advantage of methods of digital distribution that were unimaginable just a few years ago.

Here on our website, www.tobaccointernational.com, you’ll find a link to reach our new Digital Edition of the magazine. Now, from any computer in the world, you can have instant access to the newest edition of Tobacco International (and our sister publication Tobacco Products International, available at www.tobaccoproductsmag.com). You will be able to “leaf” through the magazine like you do with our print edition, page by page. However, new technologies will create a new experience with the media we consume. You will now be able to search through any edition by term. If you want to find every instance the term “Imperial” appears in our magazine, you can find that in seconds. If you want to find any news item regarding “Bulgaria,” “tear tape,” or “filters,” you will find that instantaneously. Also, we will give our advertisers the option to enhance their ads with multi-media displays and links to add an interactive element to the reading experience. Additionally, be on the lookout for the Digital Edition of our annual Tobacco International Buyers’ Guide. Once again, we will continue to create a print version of our Buyers’ Guide, but in addition, we will make the directory available for perusal online, complete with the search function allowing for near instantaneous discovery of the address for Company X or all the Leaf Dealers in Brazil.

Join us in the future of media.

- E. D.

Tobacco International - December, 2009

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