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November, 2008


New Easy Open Snap Wrap Collation Films from Innovia

Innovia Films has developed a new line of easy-open films for the tobacco market called Snap Wrap. Snap Wrap is designed to meet the needs of tobacco manufacturers who are looking to change over to naked collection from cartons, as well as those of retailers, aiding in pack removal from collated bundles. Snap Wrap can be printed on and has scored lines, allowing for localized weakening of the film and easy dispensation thereof, and is available in both Propafilm™ and NatureFlex ™ types for use in clear naked collection.

“Snap Wrap is a major development for both retailer and consumer. It makes it very easy to snap two packs from a bundle at a time. Tobacco companies also benefit from a simpler process, with the elimination of tear tape from the collation pack.” said Chris Hooley, Innovia Films’ Global Marketing Manager, Overwrap.

Innovia Films Ltd. | Wigton, Cumbria, CA7 9XX, UK | tel: +44 16973 42281 | fax: +44 16973 41452 | www.innoviafilms.com | patricia.potts@innoviafilms.com | zena.bergmann@innoviafilms.com

Makepak International Launches Website Offering Used Equipment

Makepak International, the UK-based supplier of cigarette making and packing equipment and parts, has launched a new website, www.makepakinternational.com, detailing a large range of used making and packing equipment. Close to 50 machines or groups of machines are currently listed on the site, and the number is growing.

The equipment listed varies in conditions and includes both new, rebuilt, and “running order” machinery and equipment, all of which is suitable for purchasing by cigarette factories who need working equipment quickly.

Also listed are machines that can be used as “donor” machines for machinery suppliers around the world looking for cheap machines to rebuild.

In addition to offering machinery from Makepak’s own stocks, the site also carries information on equipment from Makepak’s partners, and any company with equipment that it is looking to sell can easily contact Makepak to have their equipment listed.

Managing Director, Peter Clarke, commented, “In this age of global commerce our new site will enable us to reach new customers, and provide a better service to existing clients.”

The website is currently in the first of a three-stage development process. The second stage will enable users to view details of Makepak’s stock of spare parts and will provide enhanced information making it easier for customers to identify and order parts.

Makepak International Trading Limited | tel: +44 1773 608608 | fax: +44 1773 604001 | www.makepakinternational.com | info@makepakinternational.com

Lambert & Butler Finalists at the Pro Carton/ECMA Awards

The 12th annual Pro Carton/ECMA Carton Awards had a staggering 120 entrants this year, with participants coming from over 15 countries. The awards were presented at the end of September at the Cavern Club in Liverpool.

In the tobacco category, Alcan packaging’s carton design for Lambert and Butler, which used a hologram effect, was one of the finalists. Alcan’s project involved special printing techniques and “accurate tension control on the printing press and the use of sophisticated print register equipment to enable up to six colors to be successfully printed in register with the hologram,” said a statement from Pro Carton. This project signified the first use of rotogravure printing technology and in-line embossing, cutting, and creasing were in conjunction with a registered holographic laminate for the tobacco market.

The Head and Chairman of the Jury, Satkar Gidda, from Siebert, said, “The judges are always looking for something they have not seen before or applying an existing idea in a different way. A pack does not have to be wacky to be innovative. Sometimes a small change on an existing idea can grab the attention. Our customers, the brand owners, are certainly looking for innovation, different and forward thinking from the carton industry so lets deliver it to them and keep on delivering.”

Pro Carton | tel: +44 1371 856 577 | www.procarton.com | info@procartonuk.com

Tobacco International - November, 2008

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