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October, 2008


TRIERENBERG Holding AG is a leading supplier to the cigarette industry, and one of the world’s largest converters of tipping papers. It offers a wide portfolio of tipping papers, tear tapes, prime labels, packaging, and tailor-made product and business solutions, as well as further technological applications.

Since 1970 the Trierenberg family has been its sole owner, committed to the creation of innovative tobacco papers as important design tools for modern cigarettes. Today the Austrian-based TRIERENBERG Holding AG comprises a group of companies around the world, constantly aiming to define higher standards of quality, flexibility, service, and partnership, and to support the cigarette industry with future-oriented product development.

Now, in order to deliver even more innovative, comprehensive, and sophisticated solutions to its customers, the TRIERENBERG group achieved a fundamental innovation by developing outstanding products that will enable them to satisfy the current and future market requirements.

The Textured Tipping

The Textured Tipping is a tipping with haptic properties which appeals to all senses due to its pronounced haptic surface structures. As a result of a new mechanical embossing technique, it provides a fine and highly sophisticated micro-structure with a haptic characteristic and high mechanical stability in a process that does not include a chemical treatment. Everything is possible: from the production of precise logos and three dimensional appearing patterns, to the implementation of embossed security features.

The Textured Tipping can be electrostatic or laser perforated. Any tipping material can be embossed, laminated, and hot foil stamped, which enhances the haptic effect of the surface structure.

The Eco Innerliner

A paper innerliner on which only the visible part is printed, the Eco Innerliner highlights the market presence and offers additional space for brand identification and communication with the consumer. It can be embossed the same way as the common aluminium foil or laminated innerliner, and any colour can be applied. Other advantages: reduced costs (less ink is used because only the visible part is printed), and the ecological aspect of protecting the environment by using a biodegradable base-paper instead of aluminum foil.

With these innovations as a part of the so-called art of new products initiative, the TRIERENBERG Holding AG proves its commitment to innovation as a key factor required to generate clear business benefits, to meet customer’s upcoming demands, to improve their performance, and to empower them to take advantage of their future.

Triacetine, Measuring the Bonds

Borgwaldt KC recently announced the development of a “robust, fast, measurement module (PZ) for the production floor” following an eight-year collaborative research and testing effort with Rhodia, Freiburg, and Tews.

To ensure a broad range application of the measurement module, testing included multiple tow types, differing performance points (PD) for each tow type and differing levels of applied Triacetine. The resulting data of the measurement method produced a Standard Deviation of 3mg, when the method utilized a combination of microwave resonance, physical parameter measurement, tow specification application and a regulated sampling routine. Even with its support for multiple tow types, the method competes on accuracy with the best of the traditional methods, but with none of the time or waste disadvantages it incurs. The robustness of the measurement method was further demonstrated with its ability to provide Standard Deviations of only 8mg with only partial data sets.

This new insight in to the manufacture of filter rods; in virtually the same time as it takes to measure the rod’s weight, diameter and PD, will provide every filter manufacturer with a greater level of confidence that the correct levels of Triacetine is being applied throughout a day’s production.

Triacetine measurement modules are available for the OMI+ and DT instrument ranges, both new and existing instruments can be fitted with the PZ options.

Borgwaldt | www.borgwaldt.com | bkc@borgwaldt.com

Tobacco International - October, 2008

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