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October, 2007


IMS Deltamatic to Present New Slitter Models For Cigarette Paper At TABEXPO 2007-Paris

IMS Deltamatic S.P.A., the Italian specialist of customised equipments for the roll converting industry, will present at TABEXPO 2007 (booth A140) a new version of its single shaft centre or centre/surface winding slitter models T0-M / T0-MS, specially designed to convert light paper in narrow strips with top quality of the finished reels and with automatic working cycles. This slitter is the evolution of a previous one, worldwide installed with success, and at now it represents an exclusive solution for the paper feeding of the most advanced machines for cigarette. The machine, available in working width up to 1800 mm, is particularly suitable for converting tobacco materials like as cigarette paper, plug wrap paper, tipping, reconstituted tobacco papers, and offers the following benefits:

1. High productivity by a drastic reduction of idle times
Downtimes are drastically reduced by a series of automatic sequences and all manual operations can be carried out in overlapped time, without impact on the production cycle time:

  • Automatic packaging of each wound reel with proper wrapping paper: a special unwinding and splicing unit allows to feed the machine with wrapping paper in order to properly pack each single wound reel. All the sequences are in automatic.

  • Automatic closing of the wound reel: a special unit features a calibrated gluing and the web cutting in a very short time. The last layer is then automatically closed and strip end automatically cut.

  • Automatic labelling of the new cores: this option allows to add an identification label on each core , according to the required standard

  • Automatic restart: as soon as a new shaft is ready (complete with the cores) it is automatically loaded in the machine and positioned in contact with the webs. The restart occurs then immediately.

  • Self calculation of the unwinding parameters: thanks to an advanced self-learning algorithm, the parameters of the mother roll are set automatically.

  • Automatic finished reel unloading with integrated vibrating cradle for reel separation, automatic winding shaft extraction and handling
2. Easy set up of the cutting formats
The knife holding shaft and the counterknife one can be easily removed from the machine thanks to a trolley system. In option a cassette system for the slitting unit is also available, reducing the time needed for slit width change.

3.Integrated palletising system
As option the slitter can be completed by an IMS Deltamatic palletising system. Through this solution it is possibile to obtain an integrated line with all the required functions till the delivery of the finished pallet.

IMS Deltamatic S.p.A.; Via Beretta 25, I-24050 Calcinate (BG), Italy; tel: +39 035 8355111; fax: + 39 035 8355555; info@imsdeltamatic.com; www.imsdeltamatic.com.

Arista Laboratories Opens Ignition Propensity Lab to Serve European Market for Fire-Safe Cigarettes

Arista Laboratories Europe announced the opening and commissioning of its cigarette ignition propensity laboratory located at its Kingston-upon-Thames location in the United Kingdom. The new laboratory will meet the growing need for research and certification of fire-safe cigarettes as the European Union moves forward with legislation in the coming months.

This is the second ignition propensity facility established by Arista Laboratories, with the first at its Richmond, Virginia laboratory. The combined capacity of the two locations makes Arista the single largest commercial supplier of ignition propensity certification services in the world. Each laboratory operates with strict environmental and quality controls as specified in the test method published as ASTM 2187-04.

Arista Laboratories is part of the Scientific Services division of Molins PLC (based in Milton Keynes, UK), with locations in Richmond, Virginia and Kingston-upon-Thames, UK. Arista operates as an independent and accredited analytical services organization specializing in the characterization of cigarette smoke emissions and tobacco products.

Arista Laboratories; Richmond, Virginia, USA; Richard Higby ; tel: +1 804 271 5572 x322; info@aristalabs.com; www.aristalabs.com.

Cerulean’s CR20 Rotary Smoking Machine

The CR20 Rotary Smoking Machine is a new concept in smoking that gives more productivity coupled with flexibility for intensive regimes. Following an extensive period of optimisation and validation of it’s’ performance the CR20 is now fully commercial and is currently being supplied to customers around the world.

When talking about the CR20 Frankham commented ‘We believe that the CR20 combines the flexibility of a linear machine with the benefits normally associated with Rotary machines. One particular benefit of the CR20 is its ability to smoke intense regimes with no loss of productivity, a feature that enables us to extend our guarantee of future ISO 3308 compliance to this machine.’

TNC yields on the CR20 for both ISO and intense smoking regimes have been demonstrated to be consistent with those obtained on Ceruleans linear SM450 smoking machines.

One of the features of the CR20 is that it uses new larger 210 ml puff engines. These can also be fitted to an SM450 series smoking machine giving benefits of not only larger puff volumes but far greater control over puff profiles. Combined with our newly available human puff profile software this means that an SM 405, 410 or 450 can now be upgraded to smoke almost any smoking profile required.

Cerulean; Rockingham Drive, Linford Wood East, Milton Keynes, MK14 6LY, England, United Kingdom; tel: +44 1908 233-833; www.cerulean.com.

Tobacco International - October, 2007

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