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September, 2007


Cerulean Unveils New Products

Cerulean will demonstrate its leading position in supply of process control instrumentation and smoking machines to the tobacco industry by showing some of its newly launched products at TABEXPO.

Designed to provide the industry with an entry-level stand alone manual pressure-measuring instrument, the PD Express provides a method of testing straight off the production line for both cigarettes and filters. Results are displayed on the in-built manometer with calibration being accomplished by using an internal standard.

The range has been expanded to include a manual, circumference and or diameter-measuring instrument using CCD technology, the CD Express.

Demand for an entry level basic QC test station is growing as independent manufacturers are becoming more quality conscious. Cerulean has therefore developed a new measuring station based around QTM technology.

The Quantum consists of a 50 rod capacity feed hopper, length measurement device, weight cell, laser circumference gauge, pressure drop measurement system (resistance to draw) and ventilation measurement (tip, total or envelope). The whole system is controlled via a touch screen interface and PC running windows XP. Connectivity is provided via RS232, Ethernet or USB connections at the rear of the equipment.

“The great benefit of Quantum is that it combines all the modern customer requirements of user interface, speed, and connectivity with the reliability that is assured by using proven QTM technology” commented Ceruleans Sales and Marketing Director Steve Frankham.

Cerulean, Rockingham Drive, Linford Wood East, Milton Keynes, MK14 6LY, England, United Kingdom, tel: +44 1908 233-833, Web: www.cerulean.com.

New Design For Premcourt Discharge Units

Premcourt offer a complete range of product Discharge Units, based on the “In-Line flow” design principle. This means that particle separation and deceleration takes place with no acute changes in product direction. The design guarantees that minimum frictional energy is absorbed, product degradation is kept low, and fan power requirements are significantly reduced compared to other traditional types of discharger.

The new design incorporates the perforated stainless steel screen of folded pleated construction (patents applied for), which offers increased air and product handling capacity. Additionally Premcourt has designed the screens for “side – slide” removal giving a quicker screen cleaning capability and reduction of normal maintenance time. The screens sections are smaller and can easily slide out by one man, while the traditional unit has much larger screen sections, which had to be manned by two workers. The new design of the machine also saves significant time during cleaning and improves the health and safety aspects. The new design can be cleaned in approximately 90 minutes.

The newly-designed unit also allows for a fully-removable access door, which provides easy access.

A range of in-line and offset type rotary discharge valves are available for direct mounting to the Discharger body. These units are based on the six bladed star wheel configuration, which helps to minimize degradation and product / air turbulence at the lower discharge area. Sealing is provided through the inclusion of flexible blades, whilst drive is achieved via shaft mounted geared motor units

The use of the Premcourt-developed new perforated stainless steel plate screen of folded pleated construction provides increased air and product handling capacity per unit width. Correspondingly, smaller Discharge Units are required for a given duty with obvious installation and cost advantages.

PREMCOURT SERVICES LIMITED, Unit 3 – 94 Charlton Road, Andover, Hampshire SP10 3JZ, United Kingdom, tel: +44 (0) 1264 350508 / 350424, fax: +44 (0) 1264 356281, Email: sales@premcourt.co.uk, Web: www.premcourt.co.uk.

Tobacco International - September, 2007

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