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September, 2007

S E L E C T E D   O N L I N E   F E A T U R E S
14 Japan Tobacco Inc.
By Joseph Finora
World’s third-largest cigarette maker continues taking bold steps.
18 Profile: Japan
By Albert Chan
How one nation is shaping in the modern market.
22 HPCTIC and the Global Market
By Allen Liao
The Hubei Provincial China Tobacco Industry Corporation, growing fast, looking forward.
26 Chinese Make/Pack
By Allen Liao
Chinese make/pack machines deliver on high speeds and unique designs.
30 China’s Leaf Tobacco Imports Show Upward Trend
By John Parker
A look at the world’s number one cigarette producer.
36 US Leaf
By Chris Bickers
A look at the tumultuous year that was the 2007 growing season.
40 The Story of 1839
By Chris Bickers
Tobacco farmers pin hopes on new cigarette brands.
42 PMB Cigar Machines
By Jonathan Bell
The reinvention of a Dutch machine maker.

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