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August, 2008

Hitkari CD Express

In a joint statement between Hitkari Multifilters, Mumbai, India, and Trevor L. Dixon, Indian Sub-Continent Director for Cerulean, it was announced that, once again, Hitkari Multifilters is the launch customer in Asia for the new addition to the Express range from Cerulean.

This lightweight and portable instrument provides fast and accurate measurement of filter and cigarette diameter or circumference. It is ideally suited for shop floor use by machine operatives. but it is also quite at home in a laboratory.

Arun K. Hitkari, managing director, hopes to complete the “trilogy” by purchasing the Cerulean Hardness Express when this is available later this year after development work is completed.

Hitkari Multifilters Ltd. | Hitkari House, 7th Floor, Sahid Bhagat Singh Road, Mumbai, 400 039, India | tel: +91 022-2694051, 52, 53 | fax: +91 022-2696997 | hitkari@vsnl.com

Packaging for Success

When it comes to boxing processed tobacco for storage and shipment, one name stands out above all others throughout India and much of the rest Asia. Chaitanya Packagings Pvt. Ltd. supplies around 75% of all C-48 cases to the Indian market. Its fully automatic Taiwan-made corrugated box manufacturing plant, based in Guntur, the heart of India’s tobacco producing state of Andrha Pradesh, started production in 2007 and is now producing up to 12,000 boxes every day. Its increased annual capacity of 4 mn cases is allowing it to penetrate new markets, such as the Mediterranean, Europe, and Africa.

Currently, Chaitanya supplies its popular C-48 cases to customers in the Middle East and throughout Asia. Chaitanya produces high quality boxes using linerboards imported from Sweden and the USA, catering to and satisfying the requirement of the tobacco industry for high stacking strength in tobacco storage cases. Fully loaded Chaitanya boxes are designed to withstand stacking up to seven cases high for long periods with no problem. The boxes are moisture- and tear-resistant and have high bursting strength. The company aspires to capture more market share in Africa, the Middle East and throughout Asia by offering good quality packaging solutions at competitive prices.

Chaitanya Packagings Pvt. Ltd. | “Tulasi House”, #6-4-6, Arundelpet 4/5 GUNTUR - 522 002 (A.P.) Andhra Pradesh, India | tel: +91 863 2221161 | fax: +91 863 2221161 | cartons@tulasigroup.com | http://www.cpacks.com

Introducing Sigma-Nip

Sensor Products Inc. has introduced a new electronic nip analysis system, the Sigma-Nip. This system measures roller profiles and diagnoses roll alignment in an efficient and rapid manner, as well as recording nip width, allowing it to replace carbon paper and embossed foils.

Sigma-Nip’s sensors can withstand repeated high pressures and temperatures as well as routine exposure to grease and solvents, and when placed between two contacting rollers, the sensors capture data and ultimately record and assimilate nip width readings on a laptop while it is being viewed. Any required adjustments can be made in real time, while the sensors are in the non-rotating nip, and statistical data and graphic displays update constantly as adjustments are made.

The Sigma-Nip also acts as a quality control tool which can facilitate evenly loaded roller sets, which are thereby less likely to cause web breaks and down time, as well as improving web control by reducing uneven paper pulling.

“Being able to save and review the entire real-time data from nip closing to nip opening is extremely useful, however, the ability to correlate accurate nip width data to roll deflection is an exceptional benefit,” said Mike Stoltz, Senior Product Manager of Metso Paper (USA).

The Sigma-Nip system is designed for maximum versatility: it is portable and comes with its own carrying case. “Depending on the number of sensors ordered, the same sensor chain can be used to measure different sized rolls. Nip widths from 0.15 in. (0.38 cm) to 9 in. (22.9 cm) can be measured, and pressures from 40 PSI (2.8 kg/cm2) to 3,000 PSI (211 kg/cm2) can be withstood,” said the manufacturer, and face lengths from 33 in. to 443 in. (90 cm to 1,125cm) can be accommodated.

Sensor Products Inc. | tel: +1.800.755.2201 | info@sensorprod.com | www.sensorprod.com/sigmanip

Tobacco International - August, 2008

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