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June, 2008

S E L E C T E D   O N L I N E   F E A T U R E S
14 Working for Indian Farmers
By Heneage Mitchell
According to Indian Tobacco Board (ITB) Chairman Dr. Suresh Babu, tobacco auctions in the Karnataka region saw intense action as the 200607 crop was snapped up by exporters anxious to assure adequate supplies for international purchasers.
22 Profile: Alliance One International
By Joseph Finora
With roots that go back more than a century, Alliance One continues to grow and spread its influence with business ventures all over the world.
26 EU 12 Cigarette Trade Shifts
By John Parker
With exports almost doubling during the course of 2007, the EU 12 continue to be a powerful force in the cigarette market.
34 Zimbabwe Report
Staff Report
With the political situation in Zimbabwe getting ready for change, tobacco farmers are looking to better their financial situations with the upcoming auctions.
38 Cigarette Imports by Balkan Countries Outside EU Rising
By John Parker
Cigarette trade continues to grow between the Balkans and the EU.

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