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May, 2008

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Cuba to increase tobacco production

Havana - With the introduction of so-called “disease-resistant tobacco” and an increase of areas under irrigation, Cuba is attempting to strengthen its tobacco production capabilities. In order to facilitate this increase, more irrigation is planned as well as an increase in pay for tobacco farmers and producers.

Dominican Republic
A good year for dark tobacco
Santiago - The size of the current Dominican crop, separated by type, has been estimated at 4.5 mn kgs for the Piloto Cubano type, 2.4 mn kgs for the Criollo type and 2.3 mn kgs for the Olor type.

According to Universal Leaf, Criollo production was reduced by a long dry period while Olor production was higher than originally expected because of higher plantings. - (Bickers)

Greek tobacco growers protest EU subsidy cuts
Athens - Approximately 1,500 Greek tobacco growers recently marched in a protest against European Union subsidy cuts. The Greek Tobacco Growers Federation is attempting to undo the subsidy cuts that began in 2006, demanding a return to the 100% subsidy scheme.

Shortage of packaging materials could blight auctions
Harare - Tobacco auctions approach with concerns regarding shortages of imported wrapping paper delaying the action. Hunyani Paper and Packaging, the manufacturers of the wrapping paper in question have attributed the shortages to the decreased amount of available foreign currency, needing to import about 300 tons more of the special wrapping papers. A similar situation occurred in 2007, delaying the auctions by almost two months.

Tobacco International - May, 2008
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