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May, 2007

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Payne Enjoys Good Fortune

Fortune Tobacco, one of the Philippines' leading cigarette manufacturers, has chosen tear tape from Payne for the easy opening and enhanced on-pack branding of its products.

The company holds a high share of the local market, which in volume terms, is more than 50 bn cigarettes per year. Fortune is committed to innovation in manufacturing, with fully integrated plants equipped with state of the art equipment.

Fortune looks for the same standard in packaging, and recognized that tear tape can bring multiple benefits. Payne's reputation as the world leader in tear tape technology and its like-minded attitude in terms of innovation, made it an attractive choice.

The tape was launched across the Hope, Champion, and Fortune brands in February 2007. With its eye-catching gold color, the 1.6mm tape acts as an ideal complement to the packaging design in addition to its easy opening properties.

In addition, production efficiencies are maximized because of Payne's ability to supply the tape in jumbo 100km reels, which reduces downtime caused by changeovers.

"Fortune's reputation is founded on reliability, quality, and expertise, and we strive to work with suppliers of the same caliber," comments William Tan, PM of Procurement at Fortune Tobacco. "Payne has proved itself to have exactly those credentials."

Payne is the tear tape, coated film and security specialist created from the merger of PP Payne, Morane and Laminex. Fully launched at the end of June 2005, Payne will generate annual sales of more than 50 mn, with 350 employees operating from 10 sites in seven countries worldwide.

Payne offers solutions in tear tape and coated film, whilst its new division Payne Security focuses on brand protection, document authentication and personal ID solutions, providing customers with an extended range of products designed to beat counterfeiters and prove personal identity.

Payne, Giltway, Giltbrook, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG16 2GT, England; Stephanie Turner / Ali Roberts; e-mail: stephanieturner@payne-worldwide.com; tel: +44 (0)115 975-9000; fax: +44 (0)115 975-9001; web: www.payne-worldwide.com.

TKF's PosiGrip is Available in a Variety of Configurations to Solve Many Material Handling Applications

TKF, Inc. specializes in the design and manufacture of engineered conveying systems for the automotive, packaging, appliance, food/drug preparation, cosmetic, and other manufacturing and processing industries. TKF conveyor types include vertical, accumulation, carousel, overhead, and transfer units.

PosiGrip from TKF is a powered, non-contact, zero pressure accumulation conveyor system and is available in a variety of flexible configurations.

In all PosiGrip configurations, gear teeth for the roller drives are formed directly into the rollers and are powered by synchronous geared belting in a positive, non-slip drive configuration. The geared design provides superior drive force versus line shaft and O-ring driven conveyors. Each motorized drive roller includes a drive card that allows easy adjustment of speed in each zone providing complete control over product spacing. Since the zones are powered independently of one another and only when required, power consumption is minimized.

PosiGrip comes in both standard motor driven and motorized roller driven zero pressure accumulation styles. It is available in standard sizes from 18" to 45" effective widths and zone lengths from 15" to 60". Other sizes are available upon request. Capable of running from 25 to 120 FPM with roller centers of either 2 1/2" or 3 3/4", and unit loads of up to 400 lbs. per zone, PosiGrip will meet the needs of most conveying requirements.

PosiGrip driven roller curves are available with a 32 1/2" inside radius and 18" to 42" effective widths. They can be equipped with straight, tapered or true tapered rollers. Special radius and widths are available upon request. When used with the company's PosiGrip accumulation conveyor, the curve allows for uninterrupted accumulation with no external sensors or logic required.

The PosiGrip lifting gate section creates a unique and effective solution when access behind or through a conveyor section is required. The units come in standard PosiGrip widths and 3'-0" or 4'-0" openings, and can be built to meet specific requirements. It is self-contained and operates on a standard 110V electrical supply. A gas spring assists in the lifting mechanism. The result is a relatively lightweight and very economical and dependable gate section.

While TKF's popular popup transfer lifts do not utilize PosiGrip rollers, they can be incorporated into a PosiGrip conveyor system. They lift items vertically, and then convey them 90 to an adjoining conveyor. The system utilizes a mechanical linkage to guide lifting. Strands are driven by a motorized roller, eliminating chain drives and resulting in quiet operation. There are no vertical guides or cam ramps used for positioning, and no slides or bearings used in its construction, making the pop-up transfer conveyor simple to maintain. They are compact and utilize state of the art patented low maintenance design components. Available in either V-Belt, O Belt, Timing Belt or multi strand chains configurations, users have a choice of 2, 3, or 4 strands with spreads from 10 3/4" to 33 1/4" standard, with alternatives available upon request.

TKF, Inc., 726 Mehring Way, Cincinnati, OH 45203, USA; tel: (513) 241-5910; fax: (513) 651-2792; e-mail: sales@tkf.com; web: www.tkf.com.

Tobacco International - May, 2007
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