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April, 2009

To Go Where No Industry Magazine Has Gone Before...

After a recent trip to the Dominican Republic, I was invited to visit a cigar factory off the beaten path. We passed from the relative comfort of downtown Santiago through the outlaying rural areas where houses were adorned in tin shack roofs. When we pulled up to the small building, my host offered me some coffee or if I wanted to check my internet on his high-speed line. It seemed Hispañola nation was a place of great infrastructure disparities. This is not entirely uncommon around the globe. In many parts of the world, in the same place where traffic lights are rare, cell phones may be common. The information age has overcome the ease of the snail mail era. It is for these communities, many of whom are seated in the tobacco world, that Tobacco International’s move into digital subscribing will hold the most promise.

In the next coming months Tobacco International will now be available and archived in a digital format available for free to paid subscribers of the print version. We will NOT be discontinuing the print run of TI as so many publishers have opted to do in this age of disintegrating ink. On the contrary, this will help broaden the awareness and availability of the publication. If you wish to keep your printed version of the magazine, have no fear. It will continue to find its way to you.

For those not familiar with digital publishing, we invite you to visit our web site, www.tobaccointernational.com over the next few months to try it out. The interface is undeniably easy to figure out, even for computer novices. All the articles and departments are present and you can actually “flip” through the pages as you would normally. But you will also be able to zoom into various sections as you read, and any e-mail address and web sites will by hyperlinked for further information to be found on the web.

- E. D.

Tobacco International - April, 2009


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