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April, 2009
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  T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S
10 The Crop in South Brazil
Bad weather causes a depletion of quantity, but quality and revenues still manage to find their way up.
By Guido Jungbluth

14 Brazil’s Dark Secret
A look at Brazilian cigar tobacco.
By Tarek Mourad

16 A Year in the Life of Altria
With a volatile market, Altria has positioned itself wisely in its first year after the spin-off
By Evan Dashevsky

20 Tabacalera San Fernando
A look at the Paraguayan dealer.
Staff Report

22 Cigarettes No Longer Making the “Round Trip”
Manufactures no longer have to avoid the tax man.
By Augustus Faragut

24 Indonesian Tobacco
An increasingly viable export.
By Heneage Mitchell

Spotlight Online Feature:
28 The German Market:
Cigarette trade influenced by strong competition.
By John Parker

36 TDR and Croatia
The two-edged sword of EU membership.
by Chris Bickers

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