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April, 2008

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API looks to bring brands security and eco-friendliness

API Laminates - formerly Henry and Leigh Slater - is starting to put the word out on their new holographic packaging technologies. API’s European Business Manager Paul Laskey explained how his company feels “holographic technology is part of a growing trend to have more point of sale impact with launch, special editions, etc. We are able to offer custom holographic designs. We work with the printer from the concept. We generate holographic proofs and can work with the designer and printer to get the best effect.”

But keeping in part of a bigger theme of this year’s TABEXPO, beyond having point of sale impact, API utilizes their new Holotype technology as a means to security and brand integrity in addition to its more immediate bling qualities. Holotype is a flexible hologram process that can incorporate any branding or logo a company may desire to enhance their point-of-sale impact, but will also carry various forms of covert security features to help catch the pirates in the act. Paul Laskey adds “We actually have the ability to add a feature so that a brand owner can use a hand-held device which the brand-owner can put against the hologram which will give an instant reading if the brand is genuine or not.”

The covert security measures in themselves are useful tool for any brand hoping to survive in the modern market, but Holotype has one other security barrier in that the hologram is - unlike other holograms on the market - not a sticker or adhered to the product surface, but actually embedded beneath a film - it can not be “peeled off” or copied, any attempts to do so will destroy the hologram in process. In summation, the hologram is impossible to copy or counterfeit.

API also introduced the industry to their PortaBio technology, the world’s first bio-degradable film laminate board. PortaBio is a bio-laminate made from natural cellulose-based fibers sourced from managed forests, which are processed and laminated to provide a high gloss metallic surface. Up until now, metalized paperboard laminates using metalized polyester films and, in some cases, polyethylene as the laminating adhesive were utilized to create eye-catching packaging, but have been a waste management nightmare. PoraBio allows for a metallic sheen, but can be readily composted and recycled. Paul adds PortaBio is part of a larger trend toward green packaging: “I think you are definitely seeing sustainability become more of a factor in the decisions of what materials to use. It gives the brand owner the option to keep a high quality product with a high sheen, but also allows them to advertise on the fact of environmental friendliness.”

API Laminates Ltd | Simon Holden, Key Account Manager | tel: +44 1625 650560 | fax: +44 8716 645157 | Simon.Holden@apilaminates.com | www.apilaminates.com

Edelmann GmbH & Co. KG introduces new security systems

Premium packaging printers Edelmann GmbH & Co. KG recently introduced a collection of unique solutions for cigarette packaging featuring technology developed in cooperation with Giesecke & Devrient.

A three-dimensional security solution, PEAK®, developed by Giesecke & Devrient, consists of a micro-stamp and a line screen. The surface structure is created by embossing, which must be perfectly in-line with the printed design. The optical effect of PEAK® on the packaging changes according to different light conditions so that consumers can easily verify the authenticity of the product.

A second system, the Data Matrix code, was developed in conjunction with mobile phone manufacturer Nokia. It uses an encryption process, which generates a small randomly numbered label which is laser printed on the side of the pack, each packet having its own individual code. The Data Matrix coding allows the consumer a simple and fast authenticity check of the cigarette brand with his or her Nokia mobile phone. The phone connects to a secure central internet server, which verifies the validity of the code, and subsequently sends confirmation of authenticity back to the phone.

Of course, one other solution for brands is to use high-tech printing methods that pirates can not (yet) replicate. Edelmann offers their CEMETAL printing technique. The state-of-the-art technology allows a number of new packaging possibilities for companies in the luxury goods industry by creating a finely detailed metallic gloss finish through cold foil transfer.

Carl Edelmann GmbH & Co. KG | Paradiesstraße 20, 89522 Heidenheim | tel: 0 73 21 – 34 0-0 | fax: 0 73 21 - 34 03 59 | marketing@edelmann.de | www.edelmann.de

MTR 150 Tobacco Reclaimer

Italy’s MA.RE Srl, formerly the Manfredi Company, has designed the MTR 150 tobacco reclai ming and recovering machine. Made of stainless steel, the MTR 150 is capable of processing up to 150 kg of cigars/cigarillos/cigarettes per hour, all without compressed air and pre-recovery humidification while carrying a graded recovery of more than 92%.

The MTR150 works like an elevator band, carrying waste product from bins to working chutes, where the product is opened and the contents begin separation as they are carried down on a vibrating belt. The chute contains outlets for dust, plugs and paper. The reclaimed tobacco arrives at base of chute, one meter above floor level.

Weighing only 800 kg and running on a 3 KW power source, the MTR 150 is designed to fit into any available factory space, measuring 5.55 m in length, 1.32 m in width, and 3.1 m in height. 

MA.RE. S.R.L. | Via Alfieri 53/A, 41100 Modena, Italy | tel: 0039-059-33.00.15 | fax: 0039-059-82.81.51 | Web: www.ma-re.it

Sun Chemical presents innovations in ink

Global leading ink and pigment manufacturer Sun Chemical has a wide range of new inks and printing processes perfect for the tobacco industry where, in the prohibition of traditional advertising schemes, point of sale impact can make all the difference in the world (as well as offering ways to keeping a step ahead of the ever-evolving counterfeiters, such as in the case of inks that only become visible under ultra-violet radiation). Sun showcased the new products in their inky arsenal, from new versions of metallic printing dies, to more eye-catching products such as fluorescents that “shine” during the day (“Daylight Fluorescent”), inks that change hue with the temperature (“Thermochromatic”), and even inks that “appear” when scratched (“Coin Reactive”). Sun’s global reach gives them the opportunity to give support and guidance to printers, designers, and manufacturers around the world on what product would work best for them.

Sun Chemical | www.sunchemical.com

Habasit products keep the tobacco industry rolling

Swiss-headquartered Habasit is the leading company worldwide for conveyor and processing belts, as well as power transmission belts for tobacco industry, among others. The range of products includes fabric-based conveyor belts, plastic modular belts and chains, power transmission belts, timing belts, as well as gearmotors.

Tobacco processing requires a wide range of conveyor and processing belts. They are key machine elements which assure an efficient and trouble free flow of materials literally through all different manufacturing stages. Habasit has developed an extensive variety of solutions that allow customers to choose the best product for their application. Special focus of all developments is on the increasing safety standards within the tobacco industry therefore our P-Line products are pyrolysis conformable and comply with FDA guidelines. The P-Line is a comprehensive product range of polyolefine coated belts for the tobacco industry–now extended by products with a new thermoplastic polyester elastomer coating.

Habasit AG | Römerstrasse 1, P.O. Box, CH-4153 Reinach BL, Switzerland | tel: +41 61 715 14 21 | fax: +41 61 715 15 55 | www.habasit.com

Tobacco International - April, 2008
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