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April, 2008


BAT provides training to farmers of Sichuan
Sichuan - British American Tobacco sent their technicians to Dechang County of Sichuan Province to hold training sessions for flue-cured tobacco floating and seeding.

New Zealand
Customs take down tobacco smuggling ring
Melbourne - Over three tons of tobacco, two tobacco cutting machines, and counterfeit packaged cigarettes have been seized during raids on a property in Melbourne, New Zealand believed to be the center of a major tobacco smuggling operation. New Zealand authorities believe this will “severely disrupt” illegal tobacco trade within the country.

DOH proposes new tax system for tobacco companies
Marikina - The Department of Health (DOH) in the Philippines has suggested a new, “simplified” tax system for tobacco companies, with the aim of reducing smoking among Filipinos. The new system would create similar tax rates for imported and local tobacco products. According to the government the system would prevent confusion in tobacco tax collection. In addition to the new tax system, there are talks of the DOH raising the tax on cigarettes by 200% as well as banning tobacco sponsorship and advertising.

United States
Notes from The Tobacco Expert
Winston-Salem - Dr. Fawky Abdallah is the President of the North Carolina-based international consulting firm and ISSCORP (USA) Fawky Abdallah Company, Inc., a marketing and sales company. During the course of 2002, Abdallah wrote a series of articles covering topics and materials of deep interest to the cigarette production and manufacturing community, focusing on reduced-risk and product development. Due to the demands for reprints, these articles were collected and published in 2004 as Cigarette Product Development.

According to Abdallah, colleagues involved in research and development found the book most useful, bringing it to bear as a teaching tool as well as reference guide. It’s been reported that requests for translations of his book have been asked for into both Russian and Chinese. Abdullah said, “The book was the first to cover cigarette product development and the concept of producing reduced-risk or ‘safer’ cigarettes for those who choose to smoke.”

Thanks to Abdullha’s very good relationship with the Chinese tobacco industry, he was able to have his book translated by Yunnan Academy of Tobacco Sciences and published by one of the leading cigarette manufacturer of China, Yunnan Hongta Tobacco (Group) Co., Ltd. An agreement on like terms was made with the publisher of RusTabak magazine, Russian Tobacco Media Group, for the translation into Russian.

Despite earlier distribution issues regarding ISBN numbers and EAN bar codes, the book has now been available to the general public since January of 2006, with no plans to take it out of print at any point in the foreseeable future.

Having been in the tobacco business for almost 50 years, he has written extensively for scientists by writing technical articles, as well as books for consumers including Cigarette Product Development and Can Tobacco Quality be Measured? in 1970, and is in the midst of writing his new book Sensory Evaluation of Cigarette Smoke, Principles and Applications, due for release later this year.

Savanna Tobacco sponsors Division One football
Harare - Savanna Tobacco ends the 10-year sponsoring deficit for the major Division One football leagues in Zimbabwe with 1 tn USD.

Savanna Tobacco is to sponsor the Zifa Northern Region league, the Zifa Southern Region league and the Zifa Eastern Region league with its Pacific brand. The sponsorship covers the costs of administration, marketing, and a cup tournament called the Pacific Champions of Champions.

Monthly awards for the best player and top scorer will be held, with an annual awards ceremony for the player of the season and the Golden Boot winner.

BAT Zimbabwe was the last to sponsor Division One football, stopping around 1997.

According to Savanna Tobacco Executive Chairman Adam Molai, “[The vision of] Savanna Tobacco is to see the level of competition and professionalism in structures improve, ultimately contributing to the growth of football at Premier League level and cascading to our national squad for the 2010 World Cup finals.”

Tobacco International - April, 2008

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