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March, 2008

S E L E C T E D   O N L I N E   F E A T U R E S
14 The Other Europe
By John Parker
Cigarette trade outside of the European Union
18 The Rebranding of Filtrona
By Peter Cockle
The history, technology and future
22 Swedish Match
Staff Report
While the world watches if the market outside of Scandanavia will take to snus, Swedish Match grows itís cigar/cigarillo market and marches forward; a look at the international powerhouse.
26 Swiss Cigarettes
By John Parker
With sales up in most major markets, the Swiss industry proved to be the gold standard for succeeding within the distribution schemes of the disparate corners of the globe.
30 The (Re)Birth of Cuba
By Max Gartman
A possible future for Cuba
32 TEKEL Privatization
By C. Hasan Umur
Turkish tobacco goes private
34 A New Start Next Door
By Cindy-Lou Dale
In a state of battle fatigued despair Zimbabwean farmers fled to neighboring Zambia for a new future.
36 Warning News
By Max Gartman
India and New Zealand get graphic
38 Russia Gets a Little More Western
By Evan Dashevsky
Legislation against tobacco begins

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