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February, 2008


ATD finds a new way to inject flavor

ATD, the machinery arm of Agio cigars has introduced a new flavor injector machine, which can process 1,250 cigars per minute, replacing the traditional casing process.

An injector needle injects an aroma into individual rolled cigars utilizing the so-called “walking beam” principle: a slide with 22 valves and needles runs along with the cigar transport chain to inject the cigars on the chain with the required aroma.

The machine features several safeties such as cigar and needle break detection to prevent aroma from being wasted and the machine from being polluted. From the 24-litre aroma tank, the aroma is supplied to the valves by a pressurized system. The tank is put on a high-precision digital weigher to allow constant monitoring of the aroma consumption.

The cigars are supplied from a manually filled magazine or from a magazine with a tilting mechanism for cigar trays. The major advantage of this aroma injection technique is that it can be done just before the cigars are packed (the machine can be coupled to a REX packaging machine). This minimizes the amount of flavored waste tobacco and it has the advantage of the cigar trays and trolleys etc. not smelling of aroma.

ATD’s Wim Heeren goes on to explain why the injector has several benefits when compared to the casing process when the flavoring is added before the product is wrapped: “Less flavor is needed, which will save money for any manufacturer. Any waste in the making process before the injector can be reused in the filler. And the flavors will never be contaminated.”

In addition, the flavor injector machinery needs no cleaning (except for the actual injector). Also, the injection machine brings two other important production advantages when compared to filler mixing: the possibility to change flavors quickly (can be done in under an hour), and the flexibility to run small batches for limited runs, trial runs, small orders, etc.

ATD Machinery, Wolverstraat 3, 5525 AR Duizel, Netherlands, Wim Heeren, Managing Director ATD Machinery, tel: +31 497 582500, fax: +31 497 513319, Email: info@atdmachinery.nl, Web: www.atdmachinery.nl

Baumer hhs Xmelt system

Baumer hhs introduces their new Xmelt® system to perfect hotmelt end-of-line packaging. The carefully coordinated Xmelt® range includes melters as well as temperature-controlled hoses and a variety of application guns with brackets and nozzles to suit various requirements. The system’s intelligence makes it possible to optimize the necessary system settings automatically.

Available guns include fine dot and line application, coating and multi-heads to finely swirled Spiralmelt application. Their modular design makes them adaptable to any customer’s requirements.

The Xmelt® central melter recognizes all connected modules including their history and automatically optimizes the system parameters, which can make setting up the system easier, safer, and quicker. The Xmelt® melters transform glue granules, pellets, or blocks into liquid form and regulate the process pressures as well as temperatures in the entire system. The melter controls the hotmelt application guns by pumping the liquid through heated hoses to the independently heated guns where this is applied to the surface of the packaging at optimum temperature and ideal pressure

The hoses transport liquid hotmelt under pressure at perfect temperatures and monitored to the application head. In addition, they safeguard communications between the application head and the melter. The unit melts granules and transports them to the application heads under pressure. Various tank sizes are available. The customer can connect up to eight Xmelt® hoses.

You can apply recurring gluing patterns exactly to your products with up to eight hotmelt cycles. The controller processes the incoming signals from shaft encoders and proximity switches and provides the control signals for the guns.

Baumer hhs GmbH, Adolf-Dembach-Straße 7, 47829 Krefeld, Germany, tel: +49 2151 4402-0, fax: +49 2151 4402-111, Email: info.de@baumerhhs.com, Web: www.baumerhhs.com

Boegli looks to “waffles” to increase brand message

Boegli-Gravures S.A., the Swiss-based world leader in embossing and printing die technology has a history of offering the tobacco industry new tools to help reinstate the allure and quality of their products. And, continuing that tradition, the company recently introduced their new “Waffle Embossing” technology. Waffle Embossing is an enhanced embossing technique perfectly suited to boost the appearance, sophistication, and branding of tobacco product packages.

In addition to the fine base pattern of conventional embossed inner liners, Waffle Embossing allows for a pattern of distinctive shapes to be superimposed. This, in turn, allows for a further ennobling of the surface of the inner liner, creating a product with a more immediate impression, boosting its premium quality luster, and reinforcing the brand image. In addition, Waffle Embossing is compatible with all the latest Boegli technology, such as Shadow Embossing (a technology officially introduced in 2005 that allows the user to create embossed features in the form of appearing and disappearing markings, creating the effect of three-dimensional images).

Utilizing multiple optical effects, Waffle Embossing helps mask a potentially inhomogeneous surface of an inner liner. The single-roller philosophy can be combined with the “waffle principle,” greatly increasing the design options available to marketing departments and guaranteed to enhance a brand’s premium character. For existing brands, Waffle Embossing offers endless scope for promotions (limited editions, seasonal events, sponsoring initiatives, etc.). While new and existing brands will find Waffle Embossing to be the perfect tool to push them into premium segments.

The basic Waffle Embossing roller has an additional engraving on the fine base pattern and is part of the counter-roller-system. Changing the waffle design of a brand requires only the exchange of the counter-roller system. This technology is ideally used in combination with the Boegli Multi-Roller System (three-roller system).

Boegli-Gravures S.A., Charles Boegli, Managing Director, Gare 24-26, PO Box 32, CH-2074, Switzerland, tel: +41 32 753 70 80, Email: bg@boegli.ch, Web: www.boegli.ch

Cerulean takes Quality Control to the next level

Cerulean’s new Quantum technology is a fixed configuration test station for cigarettes or filters that utilizes the proven measurement technology from Cerulean’s QTM product range.

Each system consists of a 50-rod capacity in feed hopper, length measurement device, weight cell, laser circumference gauge, pressure drop measurement system (resistance to draw) and ventilation measurement (tip, total or envelope depending on head selected). The whole system is controlled via optional RS232, Ethernet, or USB connections on the rear of the unit.

High productivity is obtained through a fast throughput, simple maintenance, calibration, and cleaning regimes. The software and hardware is configured such that this machine can serve up to four makers giving a cost effective solution to Quality Assurance on the factory floor.

The CD Express from Cerulean measures and displays the circumference, diameter, and ovality of cigarettes, filters and small cigars. It has been specifically designed to provide the industry with a simple, fast, easy to use, stand alone, manually fed non-contact measurement instrument.

Both individual and batch statistical results, inclusive of standard deviation and mean, are easily accessible with single touch operation. Ease of use is echoed in every aspect of the units design. Simple calibration of the instrument is accomplished using on-board self contained standard check pieces, ensuring reliable and accurate operation over the desired range. Innovative design has resulted in a flexible unit which can be conveniently bench or wall mounted. If desired results can be transmitted to a remote server via the internal RS232 output.

The Cerulean PD Express has been designed to provide the industry with a simple and easy to use, stand alone manual PD measurement instrument.

The instrument will measure the PD (Pressure Drop sometimes known as resistance to draw) of cigarettes and filters which is then displayed on the precision in-built manometer.

Ease of operation is mirrored in the routine calibration method. Calibration of the instrument is accomplished using an internal standard ensuring reliable accurate operation.

Two versions of the PD Express are available: a pressure version and a vacuum version. Both versions utilize standard Cerulean bobbins.

Cerulean, Rockingham Drive, Linford Wood East, Milton Keynes,

MK14 6LY, England, UK, Barry Clift, Sales, tel: +44 1908 396 015, Email: sales.europe@cerulean.com

MANE’s new food-based flavor offerings

French-based flavor specialists MANE has developed a completely new range of flavors suitable either for cigarettes or cigars. The range, which the company has labelled “Gourmand,” incorporates tastes from the food and beverage area that appeal specifically to a more sophisticated, adult pallet. Director of MANE’s Tobacco Unit, Roger Penn tells us the Gourmand range, designed at the company’s flavor laboratory in Bar sur Loup has designed the flavors around traditional French delicacies, and beyond cigars and cigarettes, can also have moist snuff possibilities. The new range includes Macaroon, Lemon Tart, Nougat, Chocolate, and French Pastries.

MANE, 620 route de Grasse, 06620 Bar sur Loup, France, Roger Penn, Tobacco Unit Director, tel: +33 493 09 70 32, fax: +33 493 425 425, Email: roger.penn@mane.com, Web: www.mane.com

Pattyn Packing Lines, specialist in polybag lining solutions

Specifically for the tobacco industry, Pattyn Packing Lines offers dedicated solutions for the handling of bulk tobacco in big cases, such as C48 / C90 virgin or re-used telescopic or non-telescopic cases. Pattyn offers complete packaging solutions, from case erecting, bagmaking and inserting, filling, bag and case closing to labeling, strapping, and palletizing. In the past years, Pattyn Packing Lines has realized several projects for major players in the tobacco industry. The company has become a specialist in offering fully-automated polybag lining solutions to the often labor intensive and non-ergonomic packaging circumstances in the primaries. Pattyn always looks to innovate and improve its range of machines in order to meet the specifications of the tobacco industry. Features as cleanability, the use of dustproof mechanical components, and spillage-free filling principles are incorporated into the tobacco filling machines.

Today’s tobacco market demands the ability to run flexible production schedules where small quantities of different blends are packed one after another. Another hot issue is to seal the bag before the box is closed to avoid infestation. Pattyn’s tobacco machines meet these specific requirements.

Because of the reorganization and merging of companies in the primary industry, the importance of transportation in cut tobacco has increased. To reduce transportation costs, Pattyn’s packaging machines aim for a maximum volume reduction. To achieve this without blend degradation, Pattyn has introduced vacuum pressing technology, where a special vacuum probe in the pressing head extracts air from the tobacco during compression. This results in a shorter pressing time with low dust emission. Readings have shown that this new feature drastically reduces the drop in quality ratio and fill value.

Pattyn recently adjusted the filler specifically for the cigar industry, which is characterized by lower capacities. They’ve down-scaled the capacity of the filler in order to meet this specific requirement. In this way, the same features and benefits of the high capacity fillers are maintained, while the investment cost is reduced.

Pattyn Packing Lines NV, Industrieterrein “Blauwe Toren” - Hoge Hul 4-6-8 – 8000 Brugge, Belgium, tel: +32 (0) 50 450 480, fax: + 32 (0) 50 314 676, Email: info@pattyn.com, Web: www.pattyn.com

Tobacco International - February, 2008

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