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February, 2008

S E L E C T E D   O N L I N E   F E A T U R E S
12 Associated Tobacco Company
By Heneage Mitchell
Associated Tobacco Company’s Ian Bolwell met with TI writer Heneage Mitchell to discuss the challenges and issues that cigarette manufacturers, tobacco farmers, and tobacco dealers face.
16 2008 Tobacco Man of the Year
Staff Report
After numerous meetings and discussions with industry contacts from around the globe, Tobacco International magazine is proud to announce its choice for 2007’s Tobacco Man of the Year.
18 RJR updates its Camel for US Market
By Chris Bickers
RJR updates its plan for the future by updating the look and taste of its signature Camel brand, while also getting ready for a big push into snus.
22 Tobacco Technology Inc.
Tobacco Technology Inc. offers the perfect blend of tobacco flavor development experience and tobacco technology development.
24 Turkey’s Oriental Leaf
By C. Hasan Umur
A snapshot of the Turkish oriental leaf market in a year of political drama, a mixed economic picture, and a continued lean towards global interdependency.
28 Drying Oriental Leaf
Staff Report
"Soft Drying" is a term that has become antiquated with this new take on "stabilized drying" - a look at the future of drying oriental leaf.

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