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January/February, 2007

S E L E C T E D   O N L I N E   F E A T U R E S
14 PREPS Update:
Testing PREPs:
Staff Report
While the debate continues within the tobacco industry and among health advocates about the viability of potential reduced-exposure products (PREPs), manufacturers are still exploring this possibility and, in turn, scientists are looking into the best ways of testing these products.
18 The Far East:
Asia's Growing Cigar Market
By Heneage Mitchell
For a rapidly growing Asian customer base, a cigar may be more than "just a cigar."
22 Flavors:
More Than a Matter of Taste
By Michael Browne
Innovation and new technologies are key for the flavoring industry, as legislative and competitive factors continue to increase.
28 Company Profile:
Flavoring Firm Extends Global Reach
By Jonathan Bell
Experience and expertise are the hallmarks of Taiga International.
30 Market watch:
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Cigar
By Luc Martial
Canada is getting ready to position cigars as a much more harmful product to one's health that cigarettes. It's first direct strike is likely to be little flavored cigars, known in Canada as "cigarillos."
32 Leaf Update:
A Seller's Market
By Chris Bickers
The legacy of the 2006 U.S. tobacco crop is short supply, solid demand, and few stocks left.

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