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 Sunday, April 20, 2014
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Cover Story:
Exclusive: Tackling Illicit Trade - Part 4

In an exclusive interview, Ploom and Pax co-founder James Monsees describes how his popular and carefully manufactured products were re-engineered in China and counterfeited. Happily, he was also able to describe how great customer service and a collaborative strategy with his partners at Japan Tobacco International had led to real progress in the fight against illicit trade.
TI Exclusive:
China’s Great Walloping Tobacco Industry: Part 2

The World’s Largest Tobacco Monopoly, China Tobacco, Now Focuses on Quality. China’s consumption of 2.9T cigarettes (2013 estimate) makes it the largest in the world, or slightly more than 50 percent of world consumption. Dr. Iqbal Lambat profiles China Tobacco and its growing influence.

TI Digest:
Top International Stories Affecting The Tobacco Industry...

Tobacco International Editorial
Tobacco International's Editor,
Murdoch McBride, comments on the month's important industry trends...

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