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 Friday, August 22, 2014
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TI Exclusive:
Oriental Tobacco Trends Up

Traditional Oriental heartland producers like Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, and Macedonia have seen a surge in the 2013 Oriental leaf production. Iqbal Lambat explores what this will mean.
The EU Cigarette Market:
U.S. Exports Up, Concern Over Ukraine, Crimea

Astrong rebound was reported for U.S. tobacco exports to the European Union in January 2014, following a downward drift for shipments from US $440M in 2010 to US $286.8M in 2013. The 39 percent bounce for shipments during January 2014 to US $33.1M was a sign that importers in the European Union may buy more U.S. tobacco in the future. Some multinational traders have indicated to growers in the Carolinas that customers liked the quality of the 2013 crop and they seek to buy more from certain farmers in 2014.

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TI Digest:
Top International Stories Affecting The Tobacco Industry...

Tobacco International Editorial
Tobacco International's Editor,
Murdoch McBride, comments on the month's important industry trends...

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